"Spencer Partners identified emerging investment managers and then made recommendations based on outstanding and creative due diligence. With their advice, we made good investments that had a positive social and economic impact."

William L. Cobb
The Church Pension Group

We use broad, diversified business, academic and denominational relationships across industry sectors, providing industry expertise, and our experienced team and advisors experience and successes to arrange strategic alliances, and explore strategic growth resources for new ventures.

Grow: Spencer Partners has worked with asset management, mezzanine investments, and venture capital funds with a focus on the finance and technology industries.

Consult: We evaluate business and marketing strategies and make recommendations for successful growth and exit strategies. We also identify potential partners and alliances.

Connect: We identify prestigious firms to early-stage companies looking for growth opportunities. We provide strategic counsel and explore possible introductions for these clients to major industry players in our broad network.

For Asset Managers, we:

Provide access to an elite group of specialized investment opportunities.

Identify and recommend emerging and minority/women-owned firms to manage a share of assets for institutions that value diversity.

Perform market research on the growth potential of portfolio companies.

  • JP Morgan Asset Management: Directed client to under-utilized sources of minority professionals to enhance client's workforce diversity.
  • The Church Pension Group: Presented client with highly successful minority-owned asset management firms to enhance client's asset manager diversity.

For Alternative Investment Clients, we:

Assist Senior Management with their respective firms by providing strategic advice and counsel relating to industry intelligence and nuances.

Assess the financial services market environments and identify potential strategic alliances and or joint ventures.

Identify leading industry consulting and investment advisory companies.

  • SpaceVest, LP: Assisted client in identifying resources within our broad network.
  • Smith Whiley & Company: Researched market opportunities and helped positioning of a key portfolio company.

For Emerging or Growth-Oriented Enterprises, we:

Identify and explore possible intellectual and hard capital resources.

Explore strategic alliances and or joint ventures.

Evaluate business plans and develop strategies to enhance market appeal.

  • Caballero Television Network/Mas Musica: Advised client on debt/equity finance options to help grow its geographic footprint.
  • Delivery Agent, Inc.: As a strategic advisor, assisted senior management with debt /equity finance options so that it could augment its unique service offerings to the entertainment industry.

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